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Deep House, Deep Tech and everything in between
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E-KAY is a dj and producer based in Hackney in East London. His exposure to music came at an early age, listening to the radio and playing percussion. His first contact with parties and djing came when he was asked by his dj friend to help select the music for the party he was playing at.

His musical education continued throughout his teens listening to disco, pop, reggae, dub, world music, rock, dance and drum and bass but eventually house music was to dominate all other genres.

Soon after, he decided to learn to mix, so he bought a pair of second hand belt drive turntables and started practising, after a while, with a group of friends, he formed the deep jam collective and started gigging in bars and small clubs in London.

After that, he joined S-dance radio station giving him the opportunity to play regularly and to further develop his style.

The move to production came as a natural progression for E-KAY. His first single ‘Roots’ came out in January 2016 soon to be followed by ‘We dance’, both released on the suiss label Musixplosion while his debut single for 247House ‘Fire on the floor’ came out in June 2016. Right now, there is a new project in the pipeline ‘Dance to the death’ and it’s due to be released in August of the same year.

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Deep House, Deep Tech and everything in between

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