S-Dance Timetable

Below you will see our daily timetable.


4:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 30/01/2017)
Below the Decks
Show: Below the Decks drive time show
Genre: All things House

6:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 30/01/2017)
Genre: Deep House, Deep Tech and everything in between

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 30/01/2017)
Him Slim
Show: Slim Pickings
Genre: Chilled, Chicago, Funky, Future, Carnival, Deep, Tech House

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 06/02/2017)
Show: Futurefunker's fortnightly show
Genre: Soulful house, current and classic. The beautiful tracks.

10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 30/01/2017)
Dee Mix
Show: Dee Mix Live
Genre: All things House


6:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 24/01/2017)
Christian Power Giadullo
Show: Christian's Power show
Genre: Soulful, deep and tech house vibes

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 24/01/2017)
Aina Roxx
Show: Aina's Show
Genre: All variations of House music

10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 24/01/2017)
Dj Howden
Show: Sdanceradio show
Genre: tech househouse


10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 25/01/2017)
Wayne Funky Antony
Show: House of Deep
Genre: All things House


2:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 26/01/2017)
Angie Stone
Show: Afternoon session with Angie Stone
Genre: All things House

10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 26/01/2017)
Andy B
Show: Andy B's show
Genre: House


1:00:00 A GMT (Next Show: 27/01/2017)
Edward Krzyzynski
Show: Techno Paradise
Genre: All things Techno

2:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 27/01/2017)
K Hartman
Show: K Hartmans show
Genre: all things House

4:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 27/01/2017)
Even Steven
Show: House Therapy
Genre: All Things Deep, Dark, & Dangerous (deep house)

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 27/01/2017)
In Beatz We Trust
Show: The ‘In Beatz We Trust’ Beautiful House Music Show
Genre: Beautiful House Deep House Nu Disco

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 27/01/2017)
DJ Oakleigh
Show: 'I Am Oakleigh'
Genre: Progressive & Electro House.

10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 27/01/2017)
Dj Compass
Show: The Friday Night Showdown
Genre: Progressive,Tech, & Tribal


12:00:00 A GMT (Next Show: 28/01/2017)
Show: JK Robot's S
Genre: All things House

12:00:00 A GMT (Next Show: 28/01/2017)
Paul Courtney
Show: Paul Courtney's Saturday afternoon show
Genre: Deep House, Techno, Edits, Disco and some old school Rave.

10:00:00 A GMT (Next Show: 28/01/2017)
DJ Gazz
Show: Saturday House Blaster
Genre: New and old skool House music

6:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 28/01/2017)
Paul H
Show: Good Vibes Show
Genre: Deep, Tech and Underground House

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 28/01/2017)
Terry George
Show: Terry's Show
Genre: Deep & Tech House

10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 28/01/2017)
Tony Holden
Show: The Global Party
Genre: Deep, Tech House & Techno


10:00:00 A GMT (Next Show: 15/01/2017)
Dr Fusion
Show: Soulful feelings
Genre: Soulul House

6:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 29/01/2017)
Anton Morales
Show: Raw
Genre: All things House

8:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 29/01/2017)
Show: Old school
Genre: Old school

10:00:00 P GMT (Next Show: 29/01/2017)
Show: Top Cat Audio
Genre: Liquid breaks and bass